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Description of the program star tour

Participation fee of the whole tour: 300 EUR/person
As long as you don't want to participate in the whole tour: 50 EUR/day/person

Arrival to Csíkszentdomokos, we are going up to the Kovács Péter hilltop (1321 m) with a jeep or a chariot. The horses are waiting for us here. Dinner, and the discussion of the details of the tour are the following project.

Breakfast (about 9'o clock), saddling up the horses.Our first station will be the fount of Olt where we give water to the horses. Afterwards we visit a haunt of a csango man. We continue our road on the creek of the Sóvető, where view opens to the Szanduj roof, we can also see the rocks of the Nagy-Hagymás mountains, where we are going to hiking in the following days. We will have a picnic on Szanduj's prairie, then we go back on a forest path surrounded with pine trees.

Breakfast, saddling and packing up the horses. We start our tour to the Nagy-Hagymás mountains. The mountain is the home of the big, grassy ridges and the variously formed limestone. Our first destination is Fehér-mező, which is the the biggest karst plateau of the mountain. Thereto we could admire the plateau we have to climb the Meggyes-havas' escarpments (1445 m), and then comes the Ló-havas (1677 m), the Cofránka (1508 m) and the Tunzéria prairie. When we reached Fehér-mező, we make a camp, have lunch, and then visit the shepherds there.

We start off from Fehér-mező to reach the Nagy-Hagymás hilltop, which is the highest point of the mountain. Then we ride to Egyes-kő. The only hospice of the Nagy-Hagymás was built at its western foothills in 1932. Not far from it located the Öcsém-tető, which is characteristic of its special cairns, that are visible from the Csík highway too. After we reached Egyes-kő, we ride back to the camp.

Breakfast, decampment, then descend at the Veres-kő's foothills. Our way will lead us along the Vas creek.

Breakfast, then we will spend our day in the Magas Bükk (1416 m), where we can admire the Gyergyó covey.

Breakfast, and travel back home.

In case of bad weather

In case of bad weather, there is an opportunity to visit The Red Lake with a jeep and we can take a visit to the Békás-szoros. Another opportunity is the visitation of the Lázár castle nearby. The caIn case of bad weather stle is one of the most beautiful example of the transylvanian renaissance from the 15.-16. century, received its present form during the 17. century. In this castle spent his childhood the biggest transylvanian prince, Gábor Bethlen.

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